And Yet Be Simply Yourself

The secret about what is you and what isn't

We see people who have success, amazing energy, motivation and confidence, and are able to get stuff done. And it seems perfectly natural for them.

What is the difference about them? Why are we not all feeling this strength?

Here is the first clue: The real you has considerable abilities and power, but something is pulling you down, and that something seems to be part of you. As long as you are unable to know what is you and what is “excess baggage” you wont be able to get there.

The good news is you have the abilities! You are just unwilling to use them, because something in your own mind is putting the brakes on.

Your mind has a full recording of your entire life, the good and the bad. This “movie” influences your thoughts and emotions.

The million dollar question is: How do you get to this “excess baggage”, and release the brakes. Does this burden have a “handle” to throw it over-board? Actually, it does!

If you intuitively feel this is true for you, read the book Dianetics – and you will get your answer. You will get an answer that will fundamentally change the way you look at life. It will be the best surprise you have ever seen.

There is a reason why Dianetics has sold over 22 Million copies in 53 languages and remains a bestseller year after year

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What is different about this book?

There are so many books about wealth, happiness, positiveness and success. Most of the popular books in this field tell you that it’s basically down to your attitude. That it’s what you emanate, your own mind-set that determines your success and happiness.

That might be true, but then how do you change this attitude, this mind-set? How do you suddenly rise above your self-invalidations, anxieties, and failures, and turn yourself into this bright shining person, who just knows he is going to get what he wants?

This is where Dianetics comes in. Here is the secret about what it is that influences you unknowingly. You will understand that real change and real help is actually possible. This is why over 22 million copies sold, and it keeps growing year by year. Find out for yourself.

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Your mental baggage keeps growing, year after year.

What is Dianetics?

Dianetics is the breakthrough that has enabled us to understand for the first time the logical structure based on which our thinking works - consciously and subconsciously.

Dianetics has clearly defined what the mind exactly is and what it consists of. Based on this foundation it was discovered what impeded a person's memory, decisions, blocked his rationality, and pulled him down emotionally.

Dianetics includes a practical approach that makes it possible to remove these stumbling blocks, and actually experience a resurgence of life energy and positivity that makes a noticeable difference in a person’s happiness and success.

Is it possible to increase IQ?

Answer on page 13

What are the three ways how our thinking works?

Answer on page 97

What is the source of our energy in life?

Answer on page 280

What is the goal of life?

Answer on page 21

How can one manage habits?

Answer on page 499

What is the hidden subconscious that is pulling us down?

DIANETICS explains very precisely what this factor is with which we sabotage ourselves.

Reading the book alone and understanding the simple logic behind the seemingly complex structure of the mind (conscious and subconscious) gives a completely new perspective in life. It is not as complex and confusing as you may have thought.

But Dianetics goes beyond theory and describes an easy-to-use method to free your mind from this burden. Help is possible (if you are willing to look and find out.)

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Wil Seabrook

Entrepreneur, Consultant

"Dianetics answered so many questions that I now feel a sense of peace and ‘centeredness’ that carries over into every area of my life. The sense of certainty I have now is nothing I ever experienced before Dianetics."

Anne Dunev, PhD

Naturopathic Practitioner and Applied Clinical Nutritionist

"In researching the history of mind-body healing going from 3300 BCE up to the 20th century, the only codified and consistent system of repairing the mind I have found is contained in Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard."

Joy Gendusa

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author

"Dianetics is an incredible book that will transform how you approach and interact with others. It is a game-changer."

Erika Christensen

Film and TV Actress

"I've always loved what I do and Dianetics allowed me to enjoy it even more. Knowing yourself, having trust in yourself and your decisions is everything. Dianetics made this possible for me."

Grant Cardone

CEO, Entrepreneur, International Speaker

"I have read hundreds of books on success and happiness and the most important book I read was Dianetics. It explained how to get rid of limited thinking, uncertainties and destructive behavior that hampered my potential."

John Travolta


"Dianetics got me to a completely different level. I have always had the ability to be successful, but Dianetics brought me to the point where I could achieve something really big, without obstacles."

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Handling Anxiety

"I used to have really bad anxiety. I would get very uncomfortable around crowds, I never went out, I never socialized. By the time I finished using Dianetics I didn’t experience that anymore. I mean, it just disappeared. I have friends, I go out and socialize and I’m happy. I can finally say that I’m happy." - Sarah

No more panic attacks

"I used to have panic attacks. I’d go into hyperventilation. I didn’t know when it was going to hit me. The whole left side of my face would go numb and be tingly. I would freak out.
Dianetics eliminated the panic attacks. I never had them again in my life." - Grant

Achieving Goals

"I was depressed a lot of the time. I wasn’t happy with my goals - they weren’t being achieved. I just wasn’t happy in general.
Since Dianetics, I can just handle things like a breeze. I've now started my own company. I have fun with life whereas before life was definitely a struggle." - June

Self confidence

"Everybody else liked me, but I didn’t really like me and I couldn’t understand why.
With Dianetics I found the things that made me hold back and not really liking myself. They're just not there anymore. I feel like I can do anything I want to. I have self-confidence in abundance." - Jeni

Problems relating to others

"I used to have a really hard time understanding people, why they did certain things. I had trouble relating to people. Now, I can have really nice relationships with people and understand why they do things and understand why I do things. It’s given me confidence and security. " - Sabrina

I'm not crazy

"My job is in hiring personnel. There were people around me that were just nasty. I didn’t really understand why. Reading Dianetics I understood why people act the way they do. I realised 'Wow, I’m not crazy or a freak'." - Adriana

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Top Reviews

"I became more confident"
Reviewed on April 30, 2021
"Reading this book, I could understand for the first time in my life how the mind works how to develop my full potential.
I became more confident, I improved my relationships and started achieving my goals in life, including in my job. Now I also understand much better the behavior of other people and how to deal with them. It was also very interesting to understand how the mind affects the body and what one can do about it. I really recommend it."
"I'm not plagued by my past anymore"
Reviewed on April 4, 2021
"You know those thoughts, feelings and ideas that darken your thoughts, make you depressed and make you think you can't make it? Those things that enter in when you least expect it? Well, I thought there was something wrong with me and I was the only one that experienced those. But then I read this book and found I was not alone, that there wasn't something wrong with me, but I was the subject of an unknown power, unsuspected. Even more so, in reading this book, I found there was a solution…and that was new to me. I was amazed of the truth of the book and had the feeling that the author wrote the book to me.
I was engaged all the way, till I knew the way out. Now I'm not plagued by my past anymore. I can look at the future as a bright path with no chains holding me back. People who don't know what is contained in this book are missing out."
"Change is possible"
Reviewed on Jan 2, 2021
"I always knew that I am far from making the most of my life and my abilities. I knew that there was some reason why I was not performing up to my capacity. But I had no clue why and I had no idea how to change it. Some books tell you all about how you're supposed to think positive and all this, but it did not change anything really.
When I read Dianetics I finally understood what it was that had been holding me back all this time, and for the first time I saw there is hope to actually change it. It still looked almost too good to be true. Anyway, I decided 'the proof is in the pudding' and gave it a try. Wow. I got a lot more than I expected. But instead of raving about it, I just say, read it yourself. And see what it does for you."
"I never got uncomfortable or stressed again"
Reviewed on December 11, 2020
"I bought Dianetics because I wanted to know what the mind is and how does it work. I was very surprised to find out the real facts and simple principles on how to understand other people. And also what was stopping me to use more of my potential. I used the techniques described in Dianetics with my friend and we both got real changes in life.
Usually I was feeling very uncomfortable and stressed about speed even if I was sitting as a passenger in a car driving below speed limit. After applying the Dianetics technique I found the reason which was causing this unreasonable fear and I never got uncomfortable or stressed again. I managed to get rid of many other fears I used to have and I can now comfortably deliver a speech in front of more than a hundred people. And I could help a friend of mine with some of his issues as well. So I can just recommend Dianetics to anybody who wants to become more able or to help people. "
"real practical solutions"
Reviewed on December 4, 2020
I had been looking for something about the mind and found this book.
It's totally not what I expected and gives the clearest most interesting view about the mind that I have ever read. I really found the answers to why I sometimes would feel a lack of self confidence or sometimes not as happy as I perhaps could be. I read all sorts of books but this one really gives the best information I have read anywhere. I highly recommend this book.
If you're looking for real practical solutions and a better understanding of yourself, this is the book to read.

Sports injuries

"I used to drive cars all the time you know, I grew up around cars. Until I had a really bad car wreck and after that I was super nervous. Just getting in a car or driving along. Then after Dianetics, for me it totally brought the game back and I can drive any car now as fast as I want and do anything I want to." - Mike

Loss of a loved one

"I had just lost somebody really close to me. After a week of applying Dianetics I could smile again and I could laugh and I could look into the future instead of looking into the past. And I’m young. And I should have never been that unhappy in the first place but life happens. And it’s wonderful because I can live again." - Liza

Overcoming grief

"My father passed away and I was devastated. I couldn’t get through the day easily. I wasn’t sure why it stayed with me so long. After reading the Dianetics book I found out why that was. That really helped me get through it. It’s just like a brand new day. Every day I can just go on living my life." - Elena

Loss of a loved one

"My dad died about 3 months before I read Dianetics. I used what I learned in the Dianetics book to help my sister and other people in my family get through my father’s death. Understanding what was happening and what they were going through, I was able to help them get through it." - Erica

Overcoming shyness

"I used to actually be very shy around people. I also had a really bad temper. When I received Dianetics my temper lessened. I actually could control it. I’m a lot more communicative with people I can make friends easily. Life is definitely a lot more fun." - Mike


"I used to get kind of nervous and wouldn’t be able to talk. But after Dianetics I am more comfortable. I can talk to people, or groups. I’m able to do more things or able to just go do something I want to do. It’s changed my life." - Casey

Holding you back

"Dianetics was really an interesting study. It’s all about YOU. Through reading you realize there is a way to break through the barriers in your life. It means hope and understanding and freedom." - Rhea

Purpose in life

"I was having a rough time and doing drugs. I didn’t really have a purpose in life. I found Dianetics through my boyfriend. I learned more about life than anybody had ever cared to teach me. I have an actual say in my life. Life is no longer happening to me. I’m the one making my life go the way I want it to go. " - Lisa

Marriage problems

"I had trouble with relationships, mainly not having them. If I did find somebody, it was a very short lived thing. I couldn’t commit. Something was stopping me moving forward. Dianetics totally handled that. And now I’m married." - Ellery

Breakup not healing

"I was married actually. I had a partner that I really loved who all of a sudden left me. Life was horrible. I totally lost interest in going on. My best friend told me, 'You need some Dianetics.' So she took me in and gave me some Dianetics and it changed everything. Life went back to normal as if none of that upset had ever occurred." - Angie

Marriage problems

"My wife and I were having some problems. And I was doing a lot of drinking. We separated and I got really depressed because she left me, obviously. But I really cared about her, so a neighbor one day suggested I try Dianetics. It made me realize some things about myself that I had no idea about. My wife also realized some things about herself. We got back together ten years ago. We have children and have been married for twelve years. Ten years very successfully. The first two not so successful.
The difference is Dianetics." - Fabio

Helping others

"I ended up learning how to use Dianetics. When my friends have problems going on in their life, instead of sitting there going, 'oh, yeah, that sucks,' I can actually talk to them and actually help them with it. It’s meant the world to me. How powerful and how fast this Dianetics technique is. It’s 'wow'." - Bryce

Dianetics is just like

"Dianetics is just like the manual for the mind. It’s simple to use. It’s helped me out a lot in my life. It helped me out with work. It’s helped me out with every situation that I've had. I wish everyone had it." - Pete

Helping others

"With Dianetics, learning some simple techniques, I was able to take a friend of mine help him overcome fears. It’s an amazing feeling to have someone sit in front of you and know that you have changed their life permanently for the better. " - Michelle

Emotional problems

"I went through a lot of really dark feelings. I think many go through that in their teenage years. With Dianetics it wasn’t a mystery anymore. I no longer have thoughts like, 'Oh I’m gonna just go sit in my room and be depressed.' The book is about life. I found answers about life there." - Eric

Fear of heights

"Before Dianetics, I used to have a terrible fear of heights. I felt really silly being afraid of heights. Even standing on a balcony or going up an escalator was terrifying.
After Dianetics I completely got rid of my fear of heights. And it just isn’t there anymore." - Samantha

Irrational emotions

"I’d be upset all of a sudden for no reason. I didn’t know why. Later I would think: 'That’s was weird. Why did I act like that?' I found out why in Dianetics. I can actually take control of my own emotions. You don’t have to be controlled by them." - Jessica


"I was a very nervous new mother. And very leery of making any error. Agonising over, 'did I do that right?' I really wanted to be the best mother possible. Dianetics really helped in my parenting. It is just night and day difference." - Anna

Post-partum depression

"I had a baby. And it’s supposed to be like this incredible time. But for no reason I was crying and sad and having all of these emotions and things. And it started affecting how I was taking care of the baby. As well as my relationship with my husband. So, I did Dianetics and it handled it. It made me so that I could enjoy my baby and enjoy my life. It was a really incredible change." - Jennifer

Achieve my goals

"Things seem to work out the way I want them to now. Even when things seem to be veering off in the wrong direction, it turns out being the right direction. That’s because of Dianetics. It’s really making a difference in my life." - Victor

Knowing what I want

"My close friend seemed to be part of a group and I always felt sort of outside it or hovering. I felt that everyone knew what they were in to, or what they were doing and I yet still had to find that. Dianetics opened my mind up to what’s really going on. It changed my perception on a whole load of situations that happen in real life." - David

Being yourself

"I used to get in a lot of fights at school. I’d lash out a lot and I didn’t really understand why. When I read about it, it just kind of clicked all of a sudden. I haven’t had any problems with it since. I’m definitely more myself because of Dianetics." - Brenna

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